Dear 1st year me…

1st year Jess moving into V1 → Graduated Jess! (no I haven’t bought the pic yet whoops LOL)

Dear 1st year me,

What an exciting time in your life! Moving out, having to find new friends, meeting up with old friends who also choose Waterloo… the anticipation really builds a high expectation for this next chapter of your life. Looking back on first year, these are the top 5 takeaways.

Many fun times that I had with my familEY :)
  1. Enabling you to have more leeway later in university when shit actually starts to get tough
  1. You reap just what you so-wwwwwwww (*Adele voice*)
One of the few things that I learned from taking REC100 this term (credits to the course materials)

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”



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